Standard Range

Standard Range

Standard cabinets are the original and most popular sizes available, these are supplied to the majority of all UK Document Destruction Companies. The narrow 40 mm paper slot is small enough to stop unwanted hands retrieving sensitive materials from inside, but large enough to allow your clients access to deposit sensitive material quickly and easily. Each cabinet has 4 adjustable feet ensuring its located and adjusted perfectly around your clients offices. Slam locks are standard speeding up the emptying process for your drivers. Cabinets are designed to fit the modern office where space is critical, paper slots are located at the front allowing the space on top to be utilised, four paper sack hooks have been strategically located keeping the emptying process efficient for your drivers saving you time and money.

Colours available:

  • Beach/Grey
  • Grey/Grey
  • Maple/Grey
  • Walnut/Grey
  • Black
  • White


Beach ConfiBin Cabinets


Maple ConfiBin Cabinets


White ConfiBin Cabinets


Grey ConfiBin Cabinets


Black ConfiBin Cabinets