Standard Cabinet Sack

cabinet sacks


Tough, durable and double stitched with multiple grommets and two carry handles. Complete with drawstring and cinchable cord lock.

Corrugated Insert

corrugated insert

Constructed of tough, durable cardboard complete with integrated handles for ergonomic removal and transportation.

Double Diverter

double divider

Increase the level of console security, our double diverter can be installed just above the paper slot to create a secure funnel towards the bag, avoiding any viewing of the console contents.

Top Loader

top loader

Constructed of High Density Polyethylene in grey or white. Top loading slots can be fitted to any cabinet.



This durable, locking suction cup is universal with all consoles, helping your driver during transportation and the elimination of factory installed, permanent handles.



Custom designed pressure filled hooks fitted to every cabinet.



Keyed alike, our slam locks reduce the risk of cabinets left unlocked.